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All that really matters.

There are only two things that really matter to me right now.  1. Making sure that my partner and children know that I love them, and  2. Te...



The words ringing through the day were, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, strength; all of your faculties". Mine seem to be a bit scattered lately. Remember the story of the poor widow? It seems the offering was a big public display; everyone was watching as people went and put their money in the plate. The poor widow put in a pittance- but it was all she had. I'm feeling like a poor widow these days. I know I'm wealthy and I'm thankful not to be a widow- but (as per earlier posts) I just don't have it all together. I've done my very best to muster it all up and put on a happy face... but, alas.... So in doing my best to Love with all my heart- I feel like a total failure. After a few well spent tears I realized- He has called me out and said, "She gets it! This one- the one who looks like she's falling apart- she's loving Me with all she has. No, it isn't much- but it is the very best she's got today and she's giving it ALL to me". Sometimes I do my best when I'm in a heap. When I've got it all together I might impress people, but I doubt that I impress the Creator of the Universe. Having very little may be painful and difficult here and now- but it may be a better way to live, even when it hurts. All my heart and soul isn't much but it's all I've got.

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