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All that really matters.

There are only two things that really matter to me right now.  1. Making sure that my partner and children know that I love them, and  2. Te...


The creating of a story....

It's past the time for telling old stories.  Some stories become alive over time... some stay dead.  Usually we tell them to help us move on in life.  It doesn't always work.  Even when it does- that doesn't mean we should stay there and keep telling the same stories again and again.  Even the adventures and horror tales we told have begun to ring hollow.  It's time for new stories.

For a story to have real meaning it has to be... real.  Nobody wants to hear the trip to market for milk and bread.  Nobody wants to even make that trip; never mind wasting the time repeating it.  So to tell a meaningful story there must be a meaningful life to acquire adventures.   So that is the homework... go out there and live a life worth writing about.

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