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In the Closet

I realize that title conjures up all sorts of questions... Nevermind what I'm doing in here- let me just spill.

There's lots of useless junk in here. There's stuff I don't like, stuff that doesn't fit, stuff that was given to me- stuff I don't want anymore. It's got to go- it's killing me.

I talked to a friend on the phone while I was getting started- I've done some crying (the good kind). Took a break this afternoon to talk to another friend- she had to go home and finish her closets too. She reminded me of "sardines"- fun closet stuff. She reminded me of lots of other stuff too, like tears and what they're for. (That's what good friends do.)

Scripture tells us that God saves our tears. That sounds pretty important.
The God of heaven; creator of the whole stinkin' universe feels that my spent teardrops are worth saving. Not sure for sure what that's all about- but all I've cried must be of greater consequence than all of this stuff I'm holding on to.

So after a full day- it's cleaned out. There's plenty of room now. I can find the things I love and use. I smile when I look at what is left. Funny how letting go, breaking down, and crying your eyes out makes life better.

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