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sick day

I can't tell her... but I like it when my kids stay home sick.
I don't like for them to BE sick- but when they are, it's a good excuse to lay around together and watch movies and sip gingerale and eat popsicles. Don't get me wrong- I hate to see my children suffer. I am not a parent who needs for them to be ill. And I certainly don't want to have to endure true illness or injury.
But there is not much sweeter for a Mommy/Nurse than to have a day on the ward with her favorite patients.
"Thank you, Jesus, for this minor ailment. Thank you that it's nothing serious and that we have confidence that it will pass in a day or two. Thank you that I am able and willing to be here with her to hold her and or her head- to clean up the messes and toast the bread 'just right'. Thank you for time to talk about important things between naps- and for the sweet sound of her breathing"
She teaches me so much about suffering. It is truly an excellent traveling companion if you can learn to appreciate it. How we will enjoy the next meal! How nice it will be to get to go to school on Monday!
I'm getting a peek at my own Halloween week from 30-something years ago. The teacher brought me treats from the party I missed. The Teacher. I was so honored that she would come to me.
And so -for today, I enjoy the misery with my girl...even if I am feeling a little ill myself.

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