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A Better Story

Rarely does a song hit on all cylinders and tell a story exactly as I would.  This one does.
First, a little background.  Then, have a listen.

Moving furniture around is a hobby of mine.  It drives my family crazy.  I call it changing scenery.  Change is FUN to me.  Can't explain it... just a "me thing".  Maybe it's you too?  Do things need to change for you to be happy?
There is a time in every marriage, even the very best and happiest, that it's time to make a decision.  Same with friendships, jobs, and all relationships.  There is a time to decide, "Will I keep on the way we always have? ...or is it time for a change?"
Sometimes we don't decide to make the change as much as we back into it.  Sometimes we change the way we work by accident. Sometimes that's a blessing in disguise.

There are so many people ready for a change that just don't know how to make it happen.  Here's your encouragement.  A small change can change everything.  Just not "playing along" as we always have is enough to throw a wrench in the works.
On the other end of the spectrum, how much change can any relationship survive?  It's a little scary to think we might be throwing it all away when we start making changes.

Listen and trust that there IS a better story...


Listen with good speakers or earphones.  There is magic in every beat of this one.  Each cymbal crash is well placed.  Percussion is perfect, from the first rattle of the egg shaker (the ONLY instrument I'm proficient at playing) all the way through the last crash of the high hat; it's wonderful.  There's an Eric Clapton-esque bluesy riff in the final minute or so; after the lyrics finish.

Even more important, there's a better story...

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