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It occurred during my morning workout that I can't really know how flexible I am until I stretch. Stretching increases flexibility.  Flexibility is measured by stretching.
So why do I expect this to be painless?

I want to grow, to reach farther, to be able to do more. To do those things, I must be flexible.
I want to be more flexible. Therefore, I must be stretched. I must reach farther. I must grow.
Stretching involves reaching as far as one can, and then reaching further.
    It requires effort combined with relaxation.
There is a pulling or pushing and then relaxing- leaning into the pain until it eases. It is staying with a position, just being still while it hurts; and then backing away.
 A rest- and repeat.
 Breathe- stay with it.
 Become comfortable with it.
The use of force alone results in injury. Failure to exercise the stretching at all leads to a lack of range of motion, decrease in performance, and risk of injury.

Soon the places that used to be painful are not anymore.
 I'm able to go easily where I was not able to go at all before.
 If I continue, I'm able to go to places I've never been able to reach.

Yes, it hurts- at least it's uncomfortable. But it's necessary if I'm going to get any better at what I'm doing.
 If I want to stay healthy I need to do it.
And so I stretch myself.     I go farther than I've gone before.       I try to reach places I haven't been able to reach before... stay with it... breathe through it... stay there for just a while longer- even when it hurts.
That is how I get better.

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