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Back Again

So, despite myself, here I am again.
I've found my tribe here in webberspace and I feel the love tonight.  
I've started myriad blogs, written notebooks full of stories, and had the best conversations with the best people- but I think this is my favorite.  And I think I will keep coming back.

There's something soothing and settling about knowing you can write the deepest darkest crap swirling in your psyche.  You can send it out into the bloggosphere where it will be largely ignored, but then, ah then... someone happens upon it, gets it, laughs/cries/squirms uncomfortably and writes back to tell you they are your soul mate, you are their spirit animal, they are coming to visit and never leaving your side.  That last part is the main reason the innnernet is the only place to blast emotionally loaded pieces.  When Sally Sobby wants to hear the sad sad story of how Daddy left you in your footie jammies but you are in a "Let's go to the Lake in Jammies" mood- her shit doesn't bring you down.  And neither does your own.  There's nothing to ruin a good Misdemeanor Mood quite like your own memories of abandonment.  And when the Party Girl takes of her lampshade and settles in to talk seriously about how the Dog in her life is more significant than any other Significant Other can be right now, nobody is disappointed, or worried about bringing the vibe down, or afraid she's not living up to being the life that others are living vicariously through her.
Or something like that.
What I mean is, when I write I can be me.  All of me.  I can bounce through emotions a mile a minute and change my mind about anything and not leave anyone wondering where I went.
I'm right here.  All of me.
I need a bit of editing.  I need to get it all out, I need to get out more.  I want to get out some things that we have been talking about and things we haven't been able to talk about.  I want to hang out here with you.  I'll be back.  Like to join me?

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